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The latest news and developments regarding ATC and Europe's petroleum additive manufacturers

Fuel Additives Presentation

ATC gave an important presentation on Fuel Additives – Uses and Benefits to this month’s Esslingen Conference. See recent presentations.

ATC Code of Practice

The ATC Code of Practice was updated on 1st January 2015. The latest version can be found here alongside the previous version.

Akzo rejoin ATC

An application was received at the main committee meeting towards the end of October for Akzo to rejoin ATC, and this was formally and enthusiastically approved. Principal contact is with Lynette Bowen, with other representatives and details to follow shortly.

ATC appoint new chairman

At their main committee meeting on 22nd October, Ian Field (Infineum) completed his term of office as chairman and Emmanuelle Faure (Chevron Oronite) was elected to take over the leadership of ATC. This is a natural and welcome succession, with Emmanuelle having over the last couple of years been a strong and active chairman of ATC's RSG.

ATC's fuels group are presenting further information on ATC Document 113 at a number of forthcoming meetings

  • Marc Walter to speak at GOMA (Sibenik, Croatia, October 16-17)
  • Simon Mulqueen to speak at SAE (Birmingham, UK, October 20-23)
  • Steve Talbot to speak at TAE (Esslingen, Germany, January 20-22)

The 40th Anniversary of ATC

ATC was founded in 1974, and to mark this 40th anniversary are preparing and planning to give special presentations to:

  • UEIL's Annual Congress on 22-24th October in Madrid
  • UNITI's 2015 Symposium on 14-15th April 2015 in Stuttgart

There will be an introduction on what ATC feel has been achieved so far and a review of recent activity in particular, followed by a main section dealing with the main challenges seen for the immediate future and how ATC are planning to meet and prepare for those challenges. There will of course also be an important opportunity to share other news and views with all of our industry partners.

Towards the end of October ATC will meet to elect a new chairman, with many being aware that Ian Field has recently retired from Infineum – although he will continue to represent them in ATC and work in CEC until the end of the year. Following the untimely death of our very good colleague Michael Mueller, ATC’s group in Germany (TAD) will also be meeting around the same time to confirm their new chairman.

In October 2013 ATC are launching an updated website, with a format that is designed not just to be more attractive but also of major benefit for lubricant and fuel companies, OEMs and regulators.

ATC have recently given two major presentations:

  1. in September, and in conjunction with ATIEL, to ACEA members to ensure better understanding of the Codes of Practice and EELQMS (European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System); and
  2. in October to the ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in Dubai, with a wide-ranging introduction of all ATC's current activities.

It is understood that both presentations, which can be found on the website, were well received.

Also launched in October was a revised version of a document which many have, over the years, found a useful primer on fuel additives. Hard copies of the new Document 113: "Fuel Additives - Use and Benefits" are available from the secretariat, but it can also be viewed and read in its entirety on this website.

The main committee meet next in Schwetzingen in Germany on 22nd-23rd October.

  • ATC publish its objectives

  • ATC View on Products Making Unsubstantiated Claims
    (This article was prepared for Lube Magazine, February 2020 � www.lube-media.com).