VeryOne SAS

EURENCO Widely acknowledged for its high level of expertise and know-how in chemical synthesis and transformation of energetic molecules, EURENCO develops, manufactures and provides a largely diversified range of cutting-edge energetic materials for both the defence and the commercial markets. World headquarters: Massy (France) Main markets: Fuel additives / Defense, Space & Security / Oil & Gas Industry Employees: > 900 Turnover (2014): 220 M€ Manufacturing Plants: 2 in France (Bergerac & Sorgues), 1 in Belgium (Clermont), 1 in Sweden (Karlskoga) Commercial & Distribution Offices in Washington and Houston (USA). Increasingly involved in new international programs, EURENCO has reinforced its production capacities in Europe and restructured its activity around 2 business lines:

  • Explosives and Propellants
  • Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives: With 80 000 tons per year, EURENCO owns the world's largest production capacity for 2-ethylhexyl nitrate. Marketed, since 2012, under the name VeryOne ® Cetane Improver, this fuel additive increases efficiently and economically the Cetane Number of diesel fuel. Thanks, on the one hand, to a long experience and know-how in continuous nitration processes, ecological treatment as well as the reuse of residual acids, and on the other hand, to excellent logistics management, EURENCO has strengthened its competitiveness and consolidated its leading position in 2-EHN, while offering continuity and flexibility to its customers worldwide.

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