Innospec's Fuel Specialties business is split into 6 separate market areas supported by a common research and technology platform:

Performance Specialties Our Performance Specialties business was created over 10 years ago. The global performance diesel and gasoline market is very competitive and subject to constant change. New legislation, environmental initiatives, the need for different types of fuel, advances in engine and vehicle technology and competing marketing strategies are all issues our customers face on a daily basis. In order to respond to global challenges, our customers require Innospec to deliver a flexible and innovative approach. By understanding how a market needs to be tackled and what type of product is appropriate, we are able to develop solutions that support our customer's business strategy.

That's why our Performance Specialities team has developed a particular expertise in formulating multi-functional packages to suit a customer's requirements with respect to fuel quality and marketable performance Refinery Specialties Innospec Refinery Specialties offers a comprehensive portfolio of petroleum additives and associated services to both refiners and distributors of petroleum based fuels. Our products and services are designed to overcome many of the day-to-day problems faced during the processing and distribution of fuels.

They provide flexibility for our customers by enabling them to meet ever-changing fuel specifications. Our products also allow refiners and blenders of petroleum fuel to optimise their formulations without compromising on quality as well as avoiding costly processing to avoid potential quality problems. Supported by a comprehensive range of engineering services, such as the design and commissioning of new blending / dosing / injection facilities, we are able to provide an unrivalled service allowing all our customers to maximise their operational efficiencies and add value every step of the way. Innospec Power Specialties Innospec Power Specialties is the market leader in heavy fuel treatment of industrial utility and power stations. Our comprehensive range of Octapower additives ensures power station and industrial installation equipment delivers optimum performance in terms of engine reliability and maintenance.

This means there is less downtime due to equipment failure. Combustion temperature is increased so heavy fuel is burnt more effectively. This reduces soot formation and ultimately the amount of harmful emissions released into the environment. Above all, our additives are designed to satisfy the changing requirements of oil-fired power stations, whatever their age. After carrying out a thorough audit of plant equipment, the type of fuel being used and the target power output required, our technical teams around the world will make precise recommendations on what additive treatment to use. Innospec Marine Specialties Innospec Marine Specialties offers the well established Octamar additive brand to solve heavy fuel related problems, covering every aspect from storage to combustion of the fuel on board of ships. The broad product range consists of tailor-made solutions to problems that can occur when handling heavy fuels. The chemicals can be applied in various fuel qualities. Supported by long-term field experience and also independent bench testing, the additives available have proven to effectively increase the reliability and performance of engines running on poor quality fuels. Octel Marine provides clients with a global network of services and products maintaining representative offices in North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. Innospec Heating Specialties Innospec Heating Specialties business provides a comprehensive range of multifunctional packages to upgrade residential light heating oil to a premium quality as own brands as well as customised packages, reducing soot production by up to 94% and improving storage and thermal stability by about 90%. So providing consumers significant cost savings on energy and maintenance.

Innospec Fuel Borne Catalysts Innospec Fuel Borne Catalysts focuses on providing emission control technology for the reduction of harmful Diesel Particular Matter (PM) emissions from diesel powered vehicles. Innospec has developed a range of fuel borne catalysts for diesel vehicles, thereby reducing their PM emissions by over 95%. Research and Technology Innospec Fuel Specialties offers customers state-of-the-art test facilities, researching and providing technical support on fuel additives and their application in all of Innospec Fuel Specialties' market areas. These are provided from its Research facilities in Ellesmere Port, UK, it's Technical Service units in Europe, USA and Far East and its Performance Test Facility at Millbrook in the UK, Whether building on the best available fuel additive technology or developing novel and unique solutions from first principles, the companys Research and Technology specialists have an outstanding track record for innovative and cost effective solutions.

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