Chevron Oronite SAS

Chevron Oronite Technology b.v. is one of six global technology sites of Chevron Oronite Company LLC and is located in the port area of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Chevron Oronite is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of performance additives for fuels and lubricating oils. It is a subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corporation, one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies that is active in more than 180 countries and employs about 53,000 people worldwide. ChevronTexaco is involved in every aspect of the energy industry from oil and gas exploration to transportation, refining and retail marketing as well as chemicals manufacturing and sales and power production. Oronite additives are blended with refined oil or fuel and used in a variety of diesel, gasoline, gas and residual fuel engines. In the crankcase, Oronite lubricant additives disperse deposits, inhibit corrosion, control oxidation, and reduce friction and wear. Oronite fuel additives clean the entire intake system, remove deposits and prevent deposits from rebuilding. Chevron Oronite is organized in three regions throughout the world, and has manufacturing facilities and technology centers in each of the regions. The headquarters of the Europe, Africa & Middle East (EAME) Region is Chevron Oronite S.A. in Paris. Products are supplied by the Gonfreville manufacturing plant located near Le Havre, France along the Normandy coast. Providing R&D and customer technical support are the three Chevron Oronite technology centers in the region. One is at Rotterdam, where the facility includes an engine test laboratory with 19 stands, including a full size Wärtsilä marine engine burning residual fuel. One is located at Ghent, Belgium and is mainly supporting the fuel additives business. And one is located at Gonfreville, with seven fully equipped manufacturing process development pilot units and more than 120 bench performance evaluation tests.

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