ATC Additive Technical Committee

Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe

Exposure Scenarios for Fuels and Lubes

ATC formed a consortium early in the REACH process which ensured that member companies have successfully met registration deadlines. They have also developed generic exposure data to help all in the supply chain to meet their REACH obligations.

Information specific to lubricants and lubricant additives has been developed in co-operation with ATIEL, and will be found on their website. Click here.


Information specific to fuel additives and additised fuels was developed by ATC and can be found here.


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Latest News

ATC's fuels group are presenting further information on ATC Document 113 at a number of forthcoming meetings

  • Marc Walter to speak at GOMA (Sibenik, Croatia, October 16-17)
  • Simon Mulqueen to speak at SAE (Birmingham, UK, October 20-23)
  • Steve Talbot to speak at TAE (Esslingen, Germany, January 20-22)